Wax are important too

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Feel Pink provide hygienic and effective waxing treatments and can adapt to individual’s need. Our technicians also perform aftercare procedures after waxing treatments.


Hot Wax
Waxing is a kind of semi-permanent hair removal process. Before doing waxing, the area to be waxed should be cleaned well to remove all excess oil and bacteria from the skin. The wax will be applied as thin layer with spatulas. Once the wax begins to be dry, the technician will remove the wax with gentle pull at a particular angle in a very fast move.

With the first waxing, the skin may not feel totally smooth. Regular waxing can make your skin smoother

The advantage of hot wax is
• The heat will help to open the pores and thus makes the hair removal easier.
• Removing short hair is easy with hot wax.
• For sensitive skin, hot wax is recommended.
• With hot wax, reddening of skin is less.