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The Manicure starts with removing the previously applied nail polish. Then the nail will be cut and gently filed to the shape. After filing the nails to desired shape, the relaxing part of manicure comes.
The hands will be placed in a bowl of warm water. Over-soaking can damage skin, so soaking hands can be for 3 or 5 minutes maximum. Then cuticle remover is applied to remove away the thickened skin and cuticle is pushed back from the nail with pusher. After all this, hand will be massaged with moisturizer to hydrate the hand.

It’s now the time to prepare the nails for polish application. Residue of the moisturizer may prevent the nail polish to adhere properly to nails. Using cotton, the nail-polish remover has to applied over the nails to take out if any residue is left over. First base coat is applied, which can prevent the chipping. The desired polish color is applied which is then followed by the top coat application.


Now the part of Manicurist is done.
Do care for your nails by applying moisturizer and sunscreen. This can bring difference on your nails, keeping up the appearance and durability. If you have extremely dry skin and need to be pampered more, Paraffin Treatment can be done.
The paraffin treatment is a kind of deep heat therapy. It increases the blood circulation to the treated area and help to relieve pain and stiffness.
We apply sanitizing agent to remove all the contaminants and make sure the hand is clean. Each hand is dipped gently in the paraffin, held for a second, and removed out. This dipping and removal of hands to and from the paraffin continues for several times and then hand is wrapped with plastic liner and covered with gloves over. The paraffin will be allowed to remain on hands for 5 minutes. And then paraffin is removed using plastic liner.

Manicure & Pedicure:
Perfectly polished nails make your look more elegant. Pamper your hands and feet with our advanced treatments and give them a trace of grace.
Our Professional Manicurist will bring with them all the following products

✓ Nail polish remover

✓ Cotton

✓ Nail clippers

✓ Nail buffer

✓ Cuticle nippers

✓ Cuticle pusher

✓ Cuticle remover

✓ Callus remover

✓ Hand moisturizer

✓ Base coat

✓ Nail Polish

✓ Top coat